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Talking about Renderosity: I'm a member from this site since 2006 (that's a long time) and I always assumed that RR was a great site.
I have wonderful friends here with whom I have learned and shared many things, tutorials, tips, thoughts, support, smiles and even some tears of friends who are no longer here,...Something is not working....

Again I have posted a picture that I prepared some days ago so you can all see what kind of magic can be done with a fractal, and how
different things can be done with the same image, modifying or using the same fractal or only with some PSP plugins ..... This is a big work and for sure has merit of course ..... but it no longer does when someone copies other artists pictures or even gets stock images
trying to make us all think it was made by his own, using Ultra Fractal program, plugins, etc. ;(

Moderators know what is happening since the 29th of June! and of course I also talked with 3x3 (Joeri De Schepper, I don't mind saying his name because mine is also public). Or under the name of Joesy El Creatore in Facebook

So I'm sorry,... This picture is for 3x3
I don't know what happens with him and why does he uses pictures without permission if he really doesn't need to do that..... I am not the only artist copied, he has also copied pictures from other artists like: mountmous , and from carlx up to where I know.

It's things like this, that destroys the integrity of any site and I think Rendorosity is too special for this.
Moderators and Admins really don't do anything to stop this and are not taking care of us as we deserve ;(

Talking about our Fractal Gallery.... (and I say ours because it works thanks to all of us fractalist)...
Have you noticed that almost all the best fractalist are leaving Renderosity??? ;(
(I think you have to be a member to see this gallery)

I have took some screen captures so I can show I am saying the truth...
I just noticed he has delete the pictures he had copied today but I still feel quite angry and I think we all need him to say a big SORRY to all of us. This is a real shame ;(

I like this quote in Spanish for this occasion:
¬°Bienaventurados nuestros imitadores, porque de ellos ser√°n todos nuestros defectos! from Jacinto Benavente
What means something like this in English:
God bless our imitators, for they shall win all our faults!

Thanks anyway for being there and for taking your time to read this and for your wonderful support always.
Have a nice day
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